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Hurricane Sandy- Interview

This video is about the Hurricane Sandy victims and Rutgers community who were interviewed.
In this interview we asked the following questions:

1. Were you affected by the Hurricane? If so, how? To what extent?
2. If not, are you aware of the damage?
3. What impact has it had on you?
4. Do you think people are still affected?
5. What do you think you can do to help?
6. How have you coped with the effects? Physically/emotionally?
7. How has the community reached out?
8.) What impact has the community had on you/your family?

Stay calm, & move on :)

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Hurricane Sandy By the Numbers: A Superstorm’s Statistics, One Month Later

“A Superstorm’s statistics…”


Four weeks ago today, east coast residents were huddled in their homes with fresh batteries and bottles of water, hoping for the best as Hurricane Sandy bore down on the region. We now know that, for many, the storm was a worst case scenario: Thousands of homes flooded, millions lost power and more than one hundred people died. (Read TIME’s reports from the lower Manhattan blackout and the prolonged power outage in the Rockaways.)

The lost lives and razed neighborhoods provide the most tragic snapshot of the devastation. But now, one month after Sandy made landfall, there are other, less obvious numbers that offer a window onto the storm’s continued toll.

Estimated dollar value of the lost business activity as a result of Sandy, according to financial analysis firm IHS Global Insight.

Number of homes that lost power. The outages affected people in 17 states, as far…

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Rockaway Relief

Rockaway, a beachfront town recovers through community values after the hurricane’s devastation

Still suffering the aftermath of Sandy?

You are NOT alone.

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Titan Hill students to host fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy victims – Local News

Titan Hill students to host fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy victims – Local News.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin Supports Hurricane Sandy Relief With Guitar Auction

Brigantine Receives Superstorm Sandy Cleanup Check From Federal Government

CBS Philly

By David Madden

BRIGANTINE, N.J. (CBS) — One of the shore towns in our area that took a beating from Hurricane Sandy has received a check from the federal government to help pay for the cleanup.

FEMA cut a check to the city of Brigantine for $1.6 million to cover the lion’s share of the cost of debris removal.

“We incurred about 2.1, 2.2 million dollars worth of costs,” said Emergency Management Director, Lieutenant Jim Bennett, “and FEMA’s share of it is 75 percent.”

Bennett says things are looking up for the shore town.

“If you were to drive through the city of Brigantine today,” he said, “other than seeing some homes being lifted and maybe a few that are still waiting for insurance money, you probably would have no idea that we suffered the level of devastation that we did.”

A beach fill project has been completed on the…

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